State-of-the-Art Data Labeling

Collecting, labeling, and delivering unique high-quality datasets

  • Open-Source Software
  • Crowd-Sourced Data Annotation
  • Custom Annotation Tools
  • Built for artists by artists.

How It Works

If you have massive amounts of data you want to use for machine learning or deep learning, you'll need the right people to enrich it so you can train, validate, and tune your model. We aim to connect those with unique data sets with knowledgeable individuals who can accurately annotate the data.

Upload Unlabeled Data


From images, audio, text and everything in between.

Connect with the Right Experts


You'll need the right people to train, validate, and tune your model.

Analyze the Data


Once labeled, use our suite of export tools to gain insight into your data with XML, CSV, JSON and more.

Use your expertise to help label data that will power the future of AI.

In order to train comprehensive AI models we need lots of accurately labeled data. This accurately labeled data is often hard to find or difficult to outsource. We need your help labeling these large amounts of data. Join a network of artists whose expertise will power the future of AI.

Real Artists
Our platform combines human intelligence at scale with AI and automation to annotate all types of data
Expert and Flexible Workforce
We'll allocate the right team based upon their area of expertise.
Quality Assurance Checkpoints
Test our progress against data samples to ensure quality before completing and labeling the full training dataset.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of data do we label?

We focus on Image Classification, Object Detection, and Audio Annotation

Why focus on the arts?

Data labeling and annotation are two of the biggest challenges faced by AI today, hindering large-scale AI integration in industries. Accurate and careful annotation of data that can bring out the best in any ML model is always in high demand and is a fundamental part of any successful ML project.

Can you provide any information about the security and protection of my data?

All data used in Label.Art is encrypted by default. Human labelers can only view your data during labeling. We will not disclose or use your data for any other purposes beyond your requested data labeling without your permission.

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